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Street Signs: Moscow’s Coolest Skaters Have a New Place to Shop

MOSCOW — Signaling the vibrancy of the local skateboard scene — and a rebounding Russian retail market — upstart brand Paccbet has opened its first freestanding store here.
The 1,600-square-foot unit is called Oktyabr: the name echos the Oktyabrskaya subway station where Moscow skaters congregate to improve their skills – and check out each others’ gear – under a monumental statue of Lenin.

A view of the new Paccbet store
Courtesy Photo

Paccbet founder Tolia Titaev, 24, hopes Oktyabr – which he bills as the first multi-brand skateboarding store in Moscow – will become another key meeting point for the local scene. In addition to Paccbet, the Russian word for sunrise, the unit carries such brands as F—ing Awesome, Dime, Awake, Stussy and Carharrt. Oktyabr also carries Russian Absurd, which Titaev cooked up with local skating hero Gosha Konushev, who will lead a group of boarders sponsored by Oktyabr.
“I always wanted to do something for Russian skateboarding. I wanted to tell the world that the Russian scene is strong and our youth is buzzing and is willing to do things,” said Titaev, who established Paccbet in 2016 under the tutelage of his friend Gosha Rubchinskiy, the new ringleader of the Russian fashion scene and

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