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They Are…Getting Campy

Adults — and by that, we mean a very particular subset, Millennials — are feeling nostalgic for summertimes of yore. So much so, they’re shelling out to revisit the experience of sleeping in a cabin bunk bed and waking up early for a full day of capture the flag, arts and crafts and new friends. Several organizations have stepped in to offer all of those activities and more, including some of New York’s favorite coworking spaces. This summer, WeWork is pitching tents (literally, tents will be pre-pitched for guests) for its members in Eridge Park, U.K. for its annual Summer Camp — but unlike the camp you remember, this one will be headlined by Lorde. All-girls camp more your style? The Wing is taking its gals to Camp No Man’s Land in the Adirondack Mountains for “witchy” fun, and New Age-y coworking space The Assemblage is headed to Camp Remember in the Catskills for a BYO family weekend. Not part of the club? Well, among the swarm catering to a more plebeian crowd is Camp No Counselors, Camp Bonfire and Soul Camp.
In between all of the campfire revelry and reapplications of Supergoop sunscreen, you might even forget that the most

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