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Lubrizol Looks to Incubate Beauty Brands

Are suppliers the next big beauty investors?
Lubrizol, the Berkshire-Hathaway-owned chemical supplier and manufacturer, has invested a minority stake in One Ocean Beauty, a skin-care start-up founded by Burberry veteran Marcella Cacci.
One Ocean Beauty is the first brand in the portfolio of Lubrizol Skin Essentials, the company’s venture arm that was formed to incubate skin-care brands in their early stages of development.
The investments made by Lubrizol Skin Essentials are meant to be strategic.
“The way our program works is we focus on what we are good at and let the brands focus on what they’re good at — branding and marketing. We have the capabilities to handle the research and development, the formulation, manufacturing and skin-care science,” said Brandon Ford, chief accelerator director of Lubrizol Skin Essentials.
The goal of the venture arm is to help Lubrizol edge into the business of building brands and ultimately sell them off to — most likely — more traditional beauty companies at an incredibly active time for beauty M&A. “We’re not only hoping to help these brands grow and incubate and help them get on the right trajectory, it’s also an opportunity to showcase these brands to our network.…We supply ingredients to some of the largest

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