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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Beth Dover Loves Genderless Dressing & Once Wanted to be Gwen Stefani

Remember that time when “Orange is the New Black” star Beth Dover was covered in puke as she began adjusting to her new life — and wardrobe — in Litchfield prison? Well, so does she. It’s a scene that’s hard to forget and one that Dover counts as the worst outfit she ever had to wear while filming season five, as would be expected when the key accessory is vomit.
“The outfit was an extra extra large and falling of me intentionally and I had to keep puling my pants up. It’s not appealing with puke all over it,” the actress recalled in an phone interview with FN.
The slummy inmate clothes were a stark contrast to her character, Linda Ferguson, the director of purchasing for MCC (a private company that took control over the management of Litchfield Penitentiary), who mistakenly ends up in lockdown with the criminals. Linda’s “more corporate” attire hails from the likes of places like “Ann Taylor” and “DSW” where she “buys, like, discount shoes and passes them off as something ultra-fancy,” explained Dover.

Beth Dover attends the Deadline Emmy Season Kickoff in June 2018.

CREDIT: Chelsea Lauren/Deadline/Shutterstock

But neither end of the spectrum — the corporate boardroom versus the prison

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