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Comfort meets style with #MANO sneakers

By Anna Katina

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Comfort meets style

Hello my friends! As you can see, I try to write more often again! This is my second article this month, whoop! Last week, I introduced you the fair fashion store Akabo, this week I would like to talk about some sneakers… not any sneakers but THE sneakers I got from MANO at Belle Etoile, the shopping centre in Bartringen. So, you must know that I’ve never been a huge sneaker fan. I always wear sandals, from Spring to Autumn, occasionally I wear Converse. And as MANO asked me if I’d like to test their new trainers, I was not sure because yeah – usually, not my kind of footwear. But I accepted because I thought it could be an interesting challenge for me. So they were standing in my room for a week or so and every day I looked at them and thought – what could you wear with these? And then my mum passed by and said: ‘Wow, these are great, can I have them if you don’t wear them?’ Immediately I put them on without even thinking about how and if they would match my outfit xD. I was surprised how comfortable they are!! I felt tall, confident and like I was walking on pillows, perfect shoes for a shooting day! We went to a parc where I needed to take photos for Luxembourg City and my mum said – let’s do outfit photos! OK! When I saw the photos I was like – these shoes… with this skirt, aaaaahhhh – I love it!!!! For the rest of the week I didn’t come out of my new babies. I tried different looks and I liked every single combination! In fact, you can where them with a romantic, girlie look but also with denim shorts!


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When I shared some impressions on my Instastory, people (you my friends!) went crazy! Where did I get them? What brand? #SnekaerGoals,… I thought okok, you need to write about these!! This kind of sneaker is also called ‘dad sneaker’. The trend has been introduced by Balenciaga and the characteristics are the several colour and fabric layers and the oversized sole, the kind of trainers our dads used or use to wear!

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‘Dad trainers are everywhere, but would you wear them?’ Visual answer from Fashion Icons HERE!

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Here is another combination: denim shorts and a hippie cardigan, my kind of everyday look! You can wear the trainers (also available in white) with any colours as they are in delicate desaturated tones. I used to think that sneakers make short legs but now I figured out that it’s the opposite xD.

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So my friends, do you like my new trainers? And the way I combined them? I really recommend them to any girl who likes comfortable shoes which are out of the ordinary and who want to add a few centimetres to their height. Thank you MANO and Belle Etoile for inspiring me every day with fashion news! Kisses, Anna

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