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The best workout makeup | Sali Hughes

By Sali Hughes

Though I’ve never worked out in my life, the recent humid weather let me replicate gym conditions

I’ve always ignored “workout makeup” here, not because I object even remotely to women wearing whatever they damned well please to the gym, but because I’ve never “worked out” in my life. But while, perhaps regrettably, my habits haven’t changed, the weather has (at the time of writing, my house is as humid as the Eden Project), better allowing me to replicate gym conditions. I also recently visited a sauna and steam room, and tested products with a view to writing about menopausal skin; but those that performed best were designed for hot yoga, not hot flushes.

So here we are. Clinique sprang first to mind, since its CliniqueFIT range (online and selected stores) is dedicated to sweat-proof, lightweight, breathable formulas with superior longevity. It looks attractive, the concept is smart and the products didn’t disappoint. I expected Workout Makeup SPF40 (£20.50, 30ml) to feel gross, look pasty and change colour in the heat (in my imaginary gym, my notional self would be bare-faced), but it was light, comfortable and natural-looking, with a pretty glow that made it ideal for anyone seeking a great, affordable summer foundation. It looks darker fresh from the tube, so blend a little on the jaw before committing to a shade from the fairly limited colour palette.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jul/14/the-best-workout-makeup