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Traceable Supply Chain Is Key for Italian Textile Companies

MILAN — Raising the bar on sustainability should be the main goal of the Italian textile business is what emerged from the press conference opening the 27th edition of Milano Unica, which closed here on Thursday. In line with the same edition last year, about 6,000 fashion companies attended the fair, which registered an increase of international buyers, especially from Holland, the U.S., Japan, China, France and Germany.
“Sustainability has been treated as a marketing tool, but it’s time to put the focus on what the Italian companies have done so far and it’s time to put the accent on the sustainable approach of the whole supply chain,” said Andrea Crespi, president of the Italian fashion chamber’s sustainability committee.
The Italian textile compartment’s leadership in terms of sustainability is a fact, according to Sistema Moda Italia president Marino Vago, who revealed that “an executive from a French major luxury brand admitted that our textile companies have a five-year competitive advantage on our competitors.”
The main issue is to guarantee the traceability of the raw materials, according to Milano Unica president Ercole Botto Poala. “Technology and the digitalization can be instrumental in the development of this process,” he said, adding that despite the new

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