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Kozue Akimoto Talks Turning 30 and Celebrating Birthday at Fuji Rock

“Segoi!” exclaimed Kozue Akimoto as she perkily explained her plans for her birthday.
The Japanese model and social media darling was sitting on a sofa at the I.T store when she shared she’ll be spending it at the Fuji Rock music festival, which kicks off July 27, the same day that she turns 31.
It’s one of the ways Akimoto is celebrating the past year of being 30. Talking about the release of her book, which documents various snippets of her life from the past year, she explained how she wanted to reveal a more natural, more private side than the street style shots of her that fill Instagram during fashion week. That includes a recent foot injury that had her on crutches, general goofing off, and close-ups of trimming her signature jet black bangs.
One omission though: her marriage to actor Shota Matsuda which was announced mid April. Her team says she’d rather not talk about it. The two are both offspring of famous faces in Japan and although the couple has around two million followers between them, they don’t feature on each other’s public profiles.
But back to her birthday, just how does she feel about being a model and getting older? She comments that

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