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Half Of Young People Are Ready To Embrace The Electric Car ‘Revolution’

By Sara Spary

Younger people are far more likely to want to buy an electric car but are being put off by “barriers” to running them, new research by the AA has suggested.

Half of drivers aged 25-34 said they’d like to own an electric car, compared to 40% aged 18-24 and 40% aged 35-44, the AA said.

The proportion reduced to a third of people aged 45-54 and just a quarter of people aged over 65, indicating younger drivers are far more likely to adopt electric cars. Overall, 35% of all respondents said they expected to own an electric car within 10 years.

“The younger generation in particular are ready to embrace the electric revolution,” Edmund King, AA president said.

However, the AA said the “vast majority” of people surveyed think there aren’t enough public charging points, and three quarters worry an electric car can’t go far enough on a single charge and are also too expensive.

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