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My skincare routine

By Anna Katina


Dear friends, first of all – I can’t believe I did not blog since July. What the.. But I’m back and I will blog once a month at least from now because I missed this so much. So, after many request and questions about my skin I decided to write about all the products I use – face, lips, body, hands & nails and hair. Plus at the end – I will quickly share my makeup routine. So, as I only buy organic food (I insist on BUY because in restaurants or at dinners with friends I don’t ask for organic food, I eat what I get), I also want to feed my skin with natural and organic ‘food’. I buy most of my products at J’adore Bio, Lush Cosmetics, drugstores and other stores selling natural labels. I actually discovered a few interesting labels zat Urban Outfitters. When I buy cosmetics (and many of you asked for this app on Instagram) I first check its ingredients on the Clean Beauty app. It tells me how many toxic ingredients to product hides and indicates the level of toxicity.


So let’s start with the face. My skin is pretty normal I would say. I try to use the most natural and organic products because the facial skin is my most precious one. It is also the only part of my body I really take care of on a regular basis to be honest. I believe that most of the work is done by your genes but with all the limestone in water, dirt in the air etc, toxins,.. I think that a good skincare routine is important. I will start with the cleansing. How do I clean my face.

beauty blogger luxembourg 16.JPG

Most of the time I clean my face with water and the anti-pollution cleansing Nuxe Bio Beauté foam, an organic certified product. It carefully removes makeup (I don’t use a lot of makeup so I don’t know how it works for a 3cm foundation layer on the face :P) and my skin feels soft and clean afterwards. When I don’t wear makeup or when I’m in a place where I don’t know how clean the tap water is, or just to alternate, I don’t use water to clean my face at all. I use the natural Clochee Micellar water from J’adore Bio which I apply with a cotton pad. It also removes makeup and dirt, no need to rub or rinse. The main ingredients are Damask Rose Hydrosol and Orange Blossom Hydrosol.


Once a week I do a face mask. Here, I use the Bodyshop Matcha mask (a great mask, not the best ingredients but still ok), or the Lush Cosmetics Warrior mask with fresh garlic inside and tea tree oil. From time to time, I apply the organic Naobay peeling milk, a face scrub, to remove dead skin cells and impurities, my skin feels super soft afterwards. My twin brought me this scrub from Madrid, I love it!

When I have enough time, I transform my bathroom into a Lush Cosmetics kitchen! I then throw a bath bomb and a bubble bar into the bath tub and do my masks, peelings, massages. The Christmas collection this year is amazing!! I want to eat everything!! I use the Good Times Roll cleanser for face and body, apply the garlic mask afterwards and relax.

beauty blogger luxembourg 3.JPG


Now comes to most important part, moisturising.

korean skincare routine blogger beauty

I discovered the Spanish Store Miin Korean Cosmetics in Paris thanks to my twin (who is a beauty freak). They sell Korean cosmetics only! Beauty freaks say that Korean cosmetics are the best in the world. Koreans follow a very strict routine, for me, it’s a bit too long, 9 obligatory daily steps. I decided to do 4-6 steps: cleanser, (mask or and peeling), tonic, serum, cream – basta. At Miin, I bought three products from the brand Aromatica, it’s not a very cheap brand but the ingredients are great and the ratings too. Also, I received the cutest bowknot headband (so Korean!) and totebag at the store, looove.

  1. Toner

So after cleaning my face, I apply the Tea Tree Balancing Toner. It’s apparently one of the best in the market for problematic or acne-prone skin. I don’t have these problems but sometimes my skin is oily, sometimes it’s moody, so I went for this one. The toner is formulated with tea, chamomile and aloe vera. It calms irritated skin, balances the pH levels and regulates the production of sebum without drying it out. It also contains niacin, an ingredient that brightens your skin. The main benefits of tea tree are its antiseptic properties. I apply it with a cotton.

beauty blogger luxembourg 12.JPGbeauty blogger luxembourg 13.JPG

2. Serum

After the toner I pour 2-3 drops of the Rose Absolute First Serum in my hands and dab gently with fingertips. The serum promises to combat wrinkles and protect the skin. Its concentrated formula contains Damask rose oil (I realise only now that I have this obsession with roses..) and organic herbal extracts which provide great vitality.

3. Cream

Finally, after the serum, I apply the cream Rose Absolute Vital fluid. The moisturizing lotion, formulated with Damask rose oil and aloe vera makes the skin feel soft and radiant.

This is what I do every morning and evening.

When I’m super tired and I don’t feel like doing anything except falling into my bed, or when I feel like I need to wakeup and I’m in a rush, I just apply 100% rosewater (which I store in the fridge) with a cotton pad. But this is rare, but sometimes – yeah it happens. Last but not least, I wanted to feature a product I buy every year, the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (I linked the Christmas edition!). Once a week, instead of the Aromatica serum and cream, I apply this serum to alternate. It is formulated with ingredients like Lavender Essential Oil and Evening Primrose Oil and helps replenish skin for a visibly smoother, more radiant appearance.

beauty blogger luxembourg 17.JPG


For the lips I use two products, not everyday, mostly when it’s cold outside. I use the organic Skin & Tonic Rose Lip Balm from J’adore Bio (100% natural & organic) and the Herbivore Coco Rose lip balm I bought in Tokyo earlier this year. Both contain rose extracts of course.. 😛

PS. Do yo see that pink face roller in the photo? This is my new toy. for the face!! It’s a quartz face roller! The roller is known for improving blood circulation and skin tone, elasticity of the skin, promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, wrinkles and dark under eye circles, eliminating toxins, tightening and reducing pore size. Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It corresponds to heart chakra, the energy center of love and stands for inner and outer beauty! As I am currently reading a lot about crystals, this product became my new home spa tool. I gently pressure while rolling it from the center of my face in upward and outward motions. You can find it on Amazon for example, I found mine at Urban Outfitters.

beauty blogger luxembourg 1.JPG


So, for my body, I use the following products:

  • the Botanical Bodywash from J’adore Bio – an organic showergel (with rose essentials oil and other essential oils)

  • the organic Rose Fudge Whipped Body Butter (omg roses again xD). I love this body butter!! It looks like whipped cream, it feels good on my skin and the this packaging !! I found mine at Urban Outfitters. It’ takes a few minutes to penetrate, use it when you have a bit of time

  • for the very dry parts of my body in Winter especially, I apply the Organic Healing Balm from the Gentle Label (finger tips, feet, knees etc). It’s also a good treatment for mosquito bites, cuts and burns – well the perfect product for catastrophes like me. I found this product somewhere in Tokyo but I linked their official website.

beauty blogger luxembourg 7.JPG

  • oh and the deo. After using all kinds of spays and roll-ons I switched to the most natural deodorant – the stone crystal deodorant. A product made of salts and minerals. Not only it is free of alcohol and all possible toxins and perfumes, but it also works for real. Plus it is very economical, ecological and I love to use it. I use to buy mine abroad as in Luxembourg they are more expensive and small. If you’re on the website of J’adore Bio, they have a nice one too.

Oh and below there is is another fun product just like my Lush bath bombs. It is a pastel pink (of course) cutie: Exfoliating Sugar Cubes from Harper + Ari. I take a cube with me into the shower and start scrubbing, love it. And the packaging..!! Discovered at Urban Outfitters.

beauty blogger luxembourg 15.JPGbeauty blogger luxembourg 14.JPGbeauty blogger luxembourg 10.JPG


  • To wash my hands I use the organic L’Esperluète organic soap Nr 6 from J’adore Bio – organic, handmade, ecological, amazing packaging and story behind. And the cedarwood scent. O-EM-J

  • To moisturise, I use the Sicilian Sunrise Hand Cream from & Other Stories. Not the most natural / organic ingredient list but I like the texture, smell and packaging.

  • And for my cuticle and nails, I use the Vitry oil. Especially after a manicure, my hands are often very dry. I found it in a drugstore in Luxembourg City and I’m very happy with it. It contains grape seed oil and it takes a few minutes to penetrate, I apply it before going to bed.

beauty blogger luxembourg 20.JPG


I don’t have a hair care routine at the moment but I am currently testing the Source range by L’Oréal Pro and the new Kérastase Aura Botanica collection, both available at Ferber. I like both collections, they are paraben and silicon free and are based on natural ingredients. I am trying to figure out which one suits me better, I will make an update as soon as I know for sure what’s best for me. A mask that I really like is the from the Circle Chronicles, also available at Ferber. And another mask I use is the Furterer Hydrating Shine mask available in most drugstores.

beauty blogger luxembourg 36.JPG


So – done with skin care, I now want to share my makeup routine with you as well. To be honest, apart from the foundation, I don’t look at the ingredients of the products, for me – makeup is candy and candies are made of all kinds of ingredients.. But candy is fun and so is makeup. So here we go.

beauty blogger luxembourg 27.JPG


I use foundation only on my nose because it gets red as soon as it gets a bit too hot inside a room. I use a foundation from Vichy available in most drugstores. My highlighter for the cheek bones is the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb, available at Sephora, look at this beauty below! I also use the wonderful Pixi Beauty highlighters for a warmer touch, depends on my mood! My blush is from Chanel, it’s the Rouge Profond 320, similar one are purchasable at the Paris 8 Parfumerie!

beauty blogger luxembourg 29.JPG


The only mascara that I use is the Terribly by Terry – it’s expensive but it has wonderful properties: it’s removable with water only and it activates lash growth thanks to a serum enriched technology. I see results after using if for 2 years. As for the eyeshadow, I love the Urban Decay palettes so much. The newest, Cherry, is my new to-go palette, the shades are perfect. Pink tones. of course. 😛 Everything from Sephora, check out the links. The cute pastel pink brush is from Monoprix!

beauty blogger luxembourg 24.JPG

Sometimes I like to add some glitter to my face, so I use the Pixi Beauty liquid eyeshadows called Fairy Lights, which I love – so happy they sent me their products a few months ago, I absolutely love these!! These liquid glimmer eyeshadows are infused with chamomile and rose extracts (yep… :P) to soothe and hydrate.

beauty blogger luxembourg 33.JPGbeauty blogger luxembourg 31.JPGbeauty blogger luxembourg 35.JPG


My favourite lipsticks are from MAC, my daily one is the Persistence. It has a non-shine matte finish and the colour is just perfect. I once asked my followers on Instagram for MAC lipstick recommendations, most said: Velvet Teddy, it’s a nice one but not my favourite.

beauty blogger luxembourg 30.JPG

So ladies, what do you think of this? Did you know all these brands and stores? Do you buy organic cosmetics? Have you heard of the face roller already? Are you following the Korean routine? I want to know! 🙂 I hope you liked this article, xx

PS. On Friday, November 16, I will demonstrate my routine on Instagram so that you can see how it’s done and the final look. Stay tuned!

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Comfort meets style with #MANO sneakers

By Anna Katina

anna katina blogger50.jpg

Comfort meets style

Hello my friends! As you can see, I try to write more often again! This is my second article this month, whoop! Last week, I introduced you the fair fashion store Akabo, this week I would like to talk about some sneakers… not any sneakers but THE sneakers I got from MANO at Belle Etoile, the shopping centre in Bartringen. So, you must know that I’ve never been a huge sneaker fan. I always wear sandals, from Spring to Autumn, occasionally I wear Converse. And as MANO asked me if I’d like to test their new trainers, I was not sure because yeah – usually, not my kind of footwear. But I accepted because I thought it could be an interesting challenge for me. So they were standing in my room for a week or so and every day I looked at them and thought – what could you wear with these? And then my mum passed by and said: ‘Wow, these are great, can I have them if you don’t wear them?’ Immediately I put them on without even thinking about how and if they would match my outfit xD. I was surprised how comfortable they are!! I felt tall, confident and like I was walking on pillows, perfect shoes for a shooting day! We went to a parc where I needed to take photos for Luxembourg City and my mum said – let’s do outfit photos! OK! When I saw the photos I was like – these shoes… with this skirt, aaaaahhhh – I love it!!!! For the rest of the week I didn’t come out of my new babies. I tried different looks and I liked every single combination! In fact, you can where them with a romantic, girlie look but also with denim shorts!


anna katina blogger57.jpganna katina blogger63.jpg

When I shared some impressions on my Instastory, people (you my friends!) went crazy! Where did I get them? What brand? #SnekaerGoals,… I thought okok, you need to write about these!! This kind of sneaker is also called ‘dad sneaker’. The trend has been introduced by Balenciaga and the characteristics are the several colour and fabric layers and the oversized sole, the kind of trainers our dads used or use to wear!

anna katina blogger81.jpg

‘Dad trainers are everywhere, but would you wear them?’ Visual answer from Fashion Icons HERE!

anna katina blogger91.jpg



Here is another combination: denim shorts and a hippie cardigan, my kind of everyday look! You can wear the trainers (also available in white) with any colours as they are in delicate desaturated tones. I used to think that sneakers make short legs but now I figured out that it’s the opposite xD.

anna katina new126.jpganna katina blogger102.jpganna katina blogger105.jpg

So my friends, do you like my new trainers? And the way I combined them? I really recommend them to any girl who likes comfortable shoes which are out of the ordinary and who want to add a few centimetres to their height. Thank you MANO and Belle Etoile for inspiring me every day with fashion news! Kisses, Anna

anna katina blogger115.jpg



Route d’Arlon
L-8050 Bertrange



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Let's talk fair fashion!

By Anna Katina

anna katina blogger 9.jpg


Hello my friends! I hope you’re all doing great! I’m currently in the middle of the wedding marathon (and I love it!!). Soon I’ll be in Croatia and Cuba! (Cameras all ready !!). I didn’t write about Tokyo yet and I think about it from time to time because I have so much to tell you about this city but I need the right amount of energy to finally write about this crazy trip. Let’s see.

Now I’m back with a new store review! Last time, I introduced you the lovely The Place. Today, it’s about another store in the city but with a different concept. I am talking about Akabo! Located a few steps from Place de Paris, the shop is a little fashion revolution on the Luxembourgish fashion market!. The founders, Lyne & Karel Lambert, believe in a philosophy of making decisions for daily life called ethical living which concerns consumerism, sustainability and environmentalism.

So what is fair fashion? It’s a about who made your clothes, under which conditions, it’s also about what impact the production has on the environment and the impact of the fabric and components on our health.. Wearing fair fashion is knowing that what you wear is made with respect for humans, animals and the environment – fashion, which you can wear with pride and confidence!

“There were questions we could not avoid, like:

Why are there organic grocery stores, but no shops selling sustainable fashion (bearing in mind that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters and violators of human rights!)? Does sustainability always mean odd or do cool and fashionable labels exist? How can we support a fashion revolution? What can we do? “

The store has two points of sale. The Akabo Buttéck and the Akabo Bus. I paid a visit to the bus this week after discovering it at a music festival where I was like – how mega cool is that?!

anna katina blogger 8.jpg

anna katina blogger 15.jpg

anna katina blogger 16.jpg

anna katina blogger 10.jpg

The fashion bus

We all know food trucks, but a fashion truck, really?? 😀 The interior design is super cool, the clothing selection is nice and there is something for the whole family! So, where and when can you find the fashion bus? Akabo has a planning on their website where you can track the bus. Usually it’s parked next a Naturata. That day, I found it in Munsbach. And if you would like them to be at an event, you just call them and they’ll come to your party. The next fashion date on wheels is: July 25th in Soleuvre. Infos here.

anna katina blogger 1.jpg
anna katina blogger45.jpg

anna katina blogger46.jpg

The store also sells the cutest backpacks. Of course I am already the proud owner of a small Ansvar backpack! About the brand – Ansvar is the first backpack to be certified by both the Fairtrade Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In Scandinavia “ansvar” means responsibility. The products are exclusively made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton canvas (naturally water resistant but they recommend a GOTS-certified impregnation spray to improve the water repellence) and vegetable-tanned leather. Also, the buckles are free from chrome and nickel. I love the size I went for because it may look small, but my camera and additional lenses and accessoires fit perfectly!

anna katina blogger 5.jpg

Another cool brand I discovered in the bus is Mud Jeans. Denim, you should know, has a huge enviromental impact. I’m glad to see that brands like Mud Jeans offer alternatives. “Producing one pair of jeans takes 8.000 liters of water, yikes.” Read more about it here.

anna katina blogger 38.jpg
anna katina blogger 12.jpg

anna katina blogger 14.jpg

anna katina blogger 19.jpganna katina blogger 18.jpg


So I went for an outfit which is totally me. Pastel colours, short, wide – perfect for work as for a date, casual chic. Thanks a lot to the lovely Jessica who consulted me so well on my choice! I love the fabric of this combination, it feels soft and light! The brand is Lovjoi, they make organic clothing and you always know who has made your clothes because it’s written on the clothing tag! My combo is made of Lyocell – a natural cellulose found in wood pulp. The fiber is fully biodegradable, economical in its use of energy, natural resources and yes – vegan.

anna katina blogger 20.jpg

What I also love about my choice is that it is for me a proof that fair fashion is trendy! Many people think that fair/eco/vegan fashion is about basic, simple cuts and colors – well no, you can wear conscious fashion and look trendy at the same time! What do you want more?! 😀

anna katina blogger 22.jpg
anna katina blogger 28.jpg

anna katina blogger 29.jpg

anna katina blogger 35.jpganna katina blogger 37.jpg

Necklace from Pictofactum. I love it! I wore it at a wedding in France a few weeks ago and received so many compliments! Pictofactum is a German brand from Berlin. Since every piece is handmade, each one is unique. The ceramic shapes are finished in a variety of different ways. They are gold-plated, glazed, polished and textured. The earring studs are all 925 silver. “Illusion, geometry, asymmetries and the interplay of different colours, surfaces and textures describes the necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.” The head designer’s most important value is the quality and the origin of her used materials, all made in Europe.

anna katina blogger 25.jpg

anna katina blogger 26.jpg

anna katina blogger 36.jpg

Bag from Valentino

So guys, I hope I could give a little idea of what the cute Akabo store is about!

Akabo Buttéck

8 rue de Bonnevoie
L-1260 Luxembourg



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