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SG CEO Matt Feiner on Why Kids’ Licensing Is Tougher Than Ever

One year into his new role with SG Cos., CEO Matt Feiner talked with FN about opportunities he’s carving out for the licensing firm.
What big initiatives have you tackled since taking the helm last March?
“My No. 1 objective is to grow our overall business, and we achieved that in 2017 and will do so again this year. We have strong momentum, fueled by our seasonal footwear and kids’ sleepwear businesses. Another major goal has been to build the company into a much stronger e-commerce player, and we’ve made huge strides toward that. We are also looking to generate additional growth via the relaunch of Rugged Shark and are venturing into a few adjacent categories, such as cold-weather gear and fashion accessories.”
As a newcomer to licensing, what has surprised you most?
“It is an exciting industry but one that is in flux. There are still a lot of great licenses out there, yet in many cases, their staying power is more fleeting than in the past. I am sometimes surprised when a potential licensor approaches us and expects an exorbitant guaranteed minimum royalty, as the overall licensing landscape is not as robust as it once was. Some licensors have the power to

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