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How This Aussie Shoe Brand Is Making a Comeback Into the U.S. & Why You Should Pay Attention

Rollie, a successful Australian shoe brand, is returning to America to expand the brand that has become popular among creatives. Here, the CEO, founder and designer, Vince Lebon, sat down with FN to discuss his brand strategy.
FN: After taking a step away from the U.S., why is now the time to come back and expand the Rollie presence here?
Vince Lebon: “I got to a point where it was doing really well in Australia. Most [of our customers] have four to seven pairs on average, and we have the data to back that up. Now we are trying to go to a bigger market and push it out here, so I moved my wife and two kids to Brooklyn, N.Y., because it was time to do this market properly. [For us], it’s about distribution, which is why our Nordstrom and Anthropologie partners are such
big players.”
FN: How do you plan to make an impact in the States?
VL: “We want to make sure we are servicing everyone. I have three wholesale reps now. It’s about people experiencing the brand. To build here with very little audience, it’s a challenge. It’s about how you get in front of people. For us, that’s with collaborations.

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