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How Collaborative Design Software Empowers Originality, Faster Speed to Market

If ingenuity is a requisite for success in a sea of sameness, footwear brands and retailers must deliver unique, compelling products at high speed to remain competitive.
That was one of the emerging themes at the summer edition of Outdoor Retailer in Denver in late July. Footwear brands noted a demand for increased consumer expectations for distinctive, utilitarian products and swift delivery. As such, technology is assuming a larger role in the footwear supply chain, and collaborative workspace solutions, such as Silicon Valley-based Bluescape, have come into sharper focus.
Bluescape’s offering fosters faster product development and origination of design through its real-time touch-screen software. Enabled to hasten the design process, its cloud-based visual collaboration platform unites users from any location to create and fine-tune product ideas in one space.
Here, Peter Jackson, the CEO at Bluescape, shares insights about the impact of collaborative design software on footwear brands’ supply chains and how it advances speed to market.
How is Bluescape differentiated in the market?
“Bluescape, a collaborative workspace solution, enables footwear brands and retailers to create and collaborate in a digital workspace. Teams can meet and work visually and intuitively while using their favorite tools, applications and devices. With Bluescape, users can easily bring content

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