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Every bald man needs a great hat – so I went in search of stylish options

By Sam Wolfson

The fedora and the trilby are out of fashion, and a baseball cap can feel immature. So what can Sam Wolfson, a man nearing 30, wear to keep the sun off his head?

In 2011, Banana Republic launched an official “Mad Men” range aimed at customers nostalgic for a more stylish time when they could drink so much before 2pm that they needed a nap. The centrepiece were those classic Don Draper hats: feathered fedoras and crumpled trilbies you could doff to your lift attendant. There was even a straw fedora, perfect for disappearing to Los Angeles for two weeks without telling the wife or kids where you were.

The range was a huge success, selling out completely, and the company’s annual reports started to sing about rising revenues. Banana Republic released new Mad Men collections for the following three years. But, today, its UK website has only a single hat for men – a wool felt baseball cap.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/aug/09/every-bald-man-needs-a-great-hat-so-i-went-in-search-of-stylish-options