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The Nike Air Force 1 Gets a Bold Look Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you’re from New York City and especially if you’re among the generation of older sneaker connoisseurs, it’s likely that you refer to Nike Air Force 1s simply as the “Uptowns.” Tomorrow, the company is releasing a special edition of the iconic sneaker in a colorway paying homage to the “Uptown” moniker’s history, and it features one of the boldest looks for the silhouette ever seen.
The new Nike Air Force 1 Upstep Uptown stands out in a crowd with a bright red premium leather that has a giant white arrow graphic covering the upper.

Nike Air Force 1 Upstep “Uptown.”


The history of the nickname in New York City can be traced back to the mid-1980s when the Air Force 1 was commonly sold at shoe stores in upper Manhattan as well as in Queens. Downtown sneakerheads would have to take the subway uptown to buy their pairs, and the nickname was born. Even though the Air Force 1 can now be found in virtually any sneaker store in the city that sells Nikes, the Uptown name has stuck.
Playing off the name of the Upstep iteration of the model — a modernized construction featuring a foam midsole and a cored-out outsole

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