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From Rihanna's eyebrows to slip dresses: should we embrace the 90s revival?

By Hadley Freeman

The problem with 90s nostalgia is that the decade was already backward-looking. It’s dress-up and it won’t last

Now that Rihanna has super-thin eyebrows and slip dresses are in fashion, does this mean the 90s are back? And, as I can remember it the first time round, am I too old to carry this off? Mary, by email

The question is not whether you are too old, Mary, but whether you would want to. Some of us lived our formative years in the 90s and the only reason we wore dresses over jeans, superfluously pocketed trousers from Carhartt, bizarrely patterned Doctor Martens and so on is because there was literally nothing else in the shops. We were sartorially deprived, damn it! And, perhaps more importantly, we just didn’t know better. Now we do. So let the youngsters enjoy their 90s dressing-up box: all those eyebrow pencils and lip pencils, those shapeless slip dresses that looked good on no one but Winona Ryder and Courtney Love, that bad denim and even worse shoes. You and me, Mary, we can stand to the side in our actually flattering jeans and enjoy it from our porch constructed from decaying Britpop dreams.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/aug/08/from-rihannas-eyebrows-to-slip-dresses-should-we-embrace-the-90s-revival