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These Inspiring #NoWrongPath Messages Will Show You Exam Results Aren't Everything

By Sara Spary

How Parents Can Calm Anxious Children And Teens Ahead Of Receiving Exam Results

It can feel like a huge moment in our lives – finding out our grades after years studying at school, college, or uni. But people on Twitter want you to know that regardless of the grades you get, there is no wrong path when it comes to your career.

People are sharing their own experiences under the hashtag #NoWrongPath to time with people in Scotland getting their A Level grades.

Stirling High School in Scotland has shared several stories of their own teachers’ career trajectories, in a bid to show pupils that grades aren’t everything. One teacher, Ms McAlpine failed her high school grades and her degree before retraining as a teacher.

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/people-are-sharing-inspiring-nowrongpath-messages-to-people-getting-exam-results_uk_5b697b1ce4b0de86f4a4fefc