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Former Editor Sah D’Simone Pens Daily Meditation Book

As cofounder and creative director of Bullett Magazine, Sah D’Simone had many markers of success, but little of the joy that he expected to accompany the VIP lifestyle. In 2012, he left the publication and was forced to reevaluate his path.
“After Bullett, I found myself very lost and depressed. I didn’t know what was next for me,” he says. “Friends and mentors recommended meditation. That was the first step in helping me see and understand the inner-workings of my mind.”
D’Simone immersed himself in meditation practice, traveling multiple times to study in Nepal and India before returning to New York to cultivate a new career as a meditation coach. Knowing all too well the busy schedules of those working in the fashion industry, he decided to pen a book of short daily meditations to encourage readers to engage with a mindfulness practice every day.
“It doesn’t matter when or where you choose to practice, all that matters is that you do it every day,” he says. “I chose this format because everyone has five minutes, and we have to start somewhere…I can promise you that by taking just five minutes each day, it is possible to gently undo the little destructive mind

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