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Lane Crawford Steps Up Well-being Offer With Australia’s Bear Vitamins

SYDNEY — Lane Crawford is getting into the vitamin business.
The luxury retailer will roll out new Australian brand Bear’s four-unit vitamin range for 550 Hong Kong dollars per unit, or $70, on lanecrawford.com and in its eight stores in Hong Kong and China beginning Sunday.
While the launch marks Lane Crawford’s first foray into vitamins per se, the one-year-old health and well-being division of its beauty department already stocks two other Australian supplement lines: The Beauty Chef and Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo.
“Well-being is a very exciting area for Lane Crawford, where we will continue to evolve and explore new products and partnerships, but at the same time focus on the importance of building awareness for our customers,” said Lane Crawford’s vice president of beauty, well-being and jewelry Lianna Man.
“What’s guiding and influencing to motivate people to purchase is very different for the new Millennial known as the ‘awakened generation,’” she added.
“Authenticity and transparency are key values. We will continue to see an increased demand for safe ingredients and awareness for toxic-free formulated products, as well as options to relieve modern-day concerns such as stress and sleep deprivation that are fundamental to our overall well-being. It influences beyond beauty and will play a key

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