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Nato Countries To Increase Defence Spending Following Outburst From Donald Trump

By Nicola Slawson

Donald Trump has claimed he has managed to get Nato countries to agree to increase defence spending by $33bn.

The US President said the US “commitment to Nato remains very strong” but said he told the other members of Nato that he would be “very unhappy” if they didn’t agree to spend more.

Speaking about countries’ contribution to Nato, Trump told reporters: “Yesterday, I let them know I was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment.”

Nato was now “much stronger than it was two days ago”, he said.

“I believe in Nato.”

Trump made the comments at an unscheduled press conference, delaying the end of Nato conference.

He threw the conference into turmoil on Thursday morning by launching into an attack on Germany and other European countries for not spending enough on defence.

The outburst came during a closed session, intended to be confined to non-budgetary issues.

An emergency session was organised in response, sources said.

A series of planned press conferences and bilateral meetings were cancelled. Both Theresa May and Angela Merkel cancelled their scheduled press conferences.

Trump turned up late for the morning sessions which was meant to be to discuss the accession of Ukraine and Georgia to the alliance, The Guardian reported.

The Ukrainian and Georgian leaders were asked to leave when Trump made his outburst because it was a purely Nato matter.

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