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Catbird Amps Up Experiential Retail With Welding Annex

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Catbird, fast becoming the jeweler of choice for the artisanal-leaning selfie generation, has dived further into experiential retail.
The company this month opened an offshoot retail unit called the “Welding Annex” where consumers can pay $94 to have a thin, 14-karat-gold chain permanently welded around their wrist. The shop, located at 540 Driggs Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, was previously the location of Catbird’s wedding annex, which has since relocated to a larger space. The welding annex is open on Fridays and Saturdays only.
Using a small laser welder — the tip of which is no larger than a sewing needle — shoppers can painlessly “get zapped” and acquire a seamless bracelet. “It’s so exciting, a little thrill, not unlike a tattoo to some,” said Leigh Batnick Plessner, Catbird co-creative director.
The program — which Catbird plans to bring on the road to the West Coast in coming months — is intended as a memorable token. “We’re so lucky to have customers visit us from around the world, and to have had our shop in the same neighborhood since 2004. The Welding Annex is a chance for us to offer a very special Williamsburg souvenir to our friends and

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