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How Young Is Too Young for Kids to Wear High Heels? Moms and Experts Have the Answer

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If young girls insist on wearing heels, there are actions they can take to protect their feet. Here, two podiatrists, Dr. Vera Malezhik and Dr. Ramona Brooks, share tips for minimizing the damage:
1. Choose the lowest heel height possible and look for styles with a rounded or square toe box.
“This allows more space for toes — helping to avoid crowding — and prevents blister formation from shoe friction,” Brooks said.
2. Opt for shorter block heels instead of ultrahigh stilettos.
“A block heel distributes the ground reaction forces more equally throughout the entire foot,” Malezhik explained, “while a shorter heel reduces the pressure on the forefoot, decreasing the risk of getting injured.”
3. Limit the time spent wearing heels to two to four hours maximum.
“I definitely don’t recommend that kids wear heels on a daily basis,” said Brooks.
4. Shop for new shoes toward the end of the day.
“Feet have a tendency to swell throughout the day, so purchasing later will help the shoes fit appropriately if there is swelling that occurs during wear,” Brooks explained.
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