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On your bike: how high fashion adopted cycling sunglasses

By Lanre Bakare

It’s not often you see Kim Kardashian, Princess Anne and Bella Hadid wearing the same accessories, but this year oversized performance shades are suddenly everywhere

Cycling’s sartorial reinvention is nothing new. Brands such as Rapha, CHPT3, Pas Normal Studios, Isadore and MAAP have offered style-conscious cyclists an alternative to poorly fitted fluro gear for a decade. The fashion world has paid attention too, with Moschino taking cycling style to the catwalk in 2015, and caps becoming essential wear for Williamsburg’s hipsters. But recently, a specific piece of cycling apparel has become co-opted by the fashion crowd: sunglasses.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jul/10/high-fashion-cycling-sunglasses-kim-kardashian-princess-anne-bella-hadid-performance-shades