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Let's talk fair fashion!

By Anna Katina

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Hello my friends! I hope you’re all doing great! I’m currently in the middle of the wedding marathon (and I love it!!). Soon I’ll be in Croatia and Cuba! (Cameras all ready !!). I didn’t write about Tokyo yet and I think about it from time to time because I have so much to tell you about this city but I need the right amount of energy to finally write about this crazy trip. Let’s see.

Now I’m back with a new store review! Last time, I introduced you the lovely The Place. Today, it’s about another store in the city but with a different concept. I am talking about Akabo! Located a few steps from Place de Paris, the shop is a little fashion revolution on the Luxembourgish fashion market!. The founders, Lyne & Karel Lambert, believe in a philosophy of making decisions for daily life called ethical living which concerns consumerism, sustainability and environmentalism.

So what is fair fashion? It’s a about who made your clothes, under which conditions, it’s also about what impact the production has on the environment and the impact of the fabric and components on our health.. Wearing fair fashion is knowing that what you wear is made with respect for humans, animals and the environment – fashion, which you can wear with pride and confidence!

“There were questions we could not avoid, like:

Why are there organic grocery stores, but no shops selling sustainable fashion (bearing in mind that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters and violators of human rights!)? Does sustainability always mean odd or do cool and fashionable labels exist? How can we support a fashion revolution? What can we do? “

The store has two points of sale. The Akabo Buttéck and the Akabo Bus. I paid a visit to the bus this week after discovering it at a music festival where I was like – how mega cool is that?!

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The fashion bus

We all know food trucks, but a fashion truck, really?? 😀 The interior design is super cool, the clothing selection is nice and there is something for the whole family! So, where and when can you find the fashion bus? Akabo has a planning on their website where you can track the bus. Usually it’s parked next a Naturata. That day, I found it in Munsbach. And if you would like them to be at an event, you just call them and they’ll come to your party. The next fashion date on wheels is: July 25th in Soleuvre. Infos here.

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The store also sells the cutest backpacks. Of course I am already the proud owner of a small Ansvar backpack! About the brand – Ansvar is the first backpack to be certified by both the Fairtrade Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In Scandinavia “ansvar” means responsibility. The products are exclusively made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton canvas (naturally water resistant but they recommend a GOTS-certified impregnation spray to improve the water repellence) and vegetable-tanned leather. Also, the buckles are free from chrome and nickel. I love the size I went for because it may look small, but my camera and additional lenses and accessoires fit perfectly!

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Another cool brand I discovered in the bus is Mud Jeans. Denim, you should know, has a huge enviromental impact. I’m glad to see that brands like Mud Jeans offer alternatives. “Producing one pair of jeans takes 8.000 liters of water, yikes.” Read more about it here.

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So I went for an outfit which is totally me. Pastel colours, short, wide – perfect for work as for a date, casual chic. Thanks a lot to the lovely Jessica who consulted me so well on my choice! I love the fabric of this combination, it feels soft and light! The brand is Lovjoi, they make organic clothing and you always know who has made your clothes because it’s written on the clothing tag! My combo is made of Lyocell – a natural cellulose found in wood pulp. The fiber is fully biodegradable, economical in its use of energy, natural resources and yes – vegan.

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What I also love about my choice is that it is for me a proof that fair fashion is trendy! Many people think that fair/eco/vegan fashion is about basic, simple cuts and colors – well no, you can wear conscious fashion and look trendy at the same time! What do you want more?! 😀

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Necklace from Pictofactum. I love it! I wore it at a wedding in France a few weeks ago and received so many compliments! Pictofactum is a German brand from Berlin. Since every piece is handmade, each one is unique. The ceramic shapes are finished in a variety of different ways. They are gold-plated, glazed, polished and textured. The earring studs are all 925 silver. “Illusion, geometry, asymmetries and the interplay of different colours, surfaces and textures describes the necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.” The head designer’s most important value is the quality and the origin of her used materials, all made in Europe.

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Bag from Valentino

So guys, I hope I could give a little idea of what the cute Akabo store is about!

Akabo Buttéck

8 rue de Bonnevoie
L-1260 Luxembourg

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