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Bettina Prentice, the Main Event

For those not already privy to her decision, the announcement that Bettina Prentice was moving her communications firm away from event production — delivered during the Museum of Art and Design’s Glitter Grunge Disco for its young patrons in April — was met with quiet shock.
But sitting in the flowering Gramercy Park on a recent morning, it becomes clear that the decision was made after a good deal of introspection and discussion with her inner circle.
“The inspiration was Madeline Weinrib,” says Prentice, referring to the textile artist, a close friend who decided to close her business this spring after 20 years. “It was over many cups of coffee with Madeline that I started to realize I could also make my own decisions about how to move forward, and the events — as much as I love them — are an all-consuming part of what I was doing. Also, more and more luxury brands were reaching out to me about collaborations and consulting and I found myself enjoying the cultural consultant work more.”
The foundation of Prentice Cultural Communications harkens back to collaboration. While Prentice is often highlighted for her sartorial sensibility — the elegant park is a fitting habitat for the

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