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Sydney Sweeney Set for Stardom

A few weeks ago, Sydney Sweeney was grappling with a tough decision.
“I’m still debating between two dresses, and they’re both amazing,” says the actress. “They’re both completely different, which is why it’s a little hard to decide, because it’s literally night and day.”
She ultimately chose the beaded column gown by Brock Collection, which she donned for the L.A. premiere of “Sharp Objects.” Sweeney appears in the dark Amy Adams-led HBO miniseries, which is directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and billed to be this summer’s answer to “Big Little Lies.”
“The show is a puzzle — that’s what’s so fun about it. Reading the script it was a puzzle as well,” says Sweeney of the show, which was adapted from the Gillian Flynn novel. “I auditioned for it, and of course I had seen ‘Big Little Lies,’ so I really wanted to work with Jean-Marc Vallée. And I read about the way that [Vallée] works with his actors, how he uses all natural lighting and it’s really just him and the DP in the room with you, and he just lets you play.”
While her character is a supporting role, she shares her screen time intimately with Adams. She has nothing but praise for

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