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These Sports-Themed Women’s Shoes Go From the Field to the Office

Female sports fans have a new way to express their love for basketball, football, baseball and soccer. Newly launched online shoe brand Charis & Doxa, has created a collection of styles inspired by the four sports.
Each style is detailed in upper materials that mimic the balls used in each category, complete with baseball stitching, textured surfaces of a football and basketball. and the iconic hexagon stitching of a soccer ball.
“We wanted to create shoes that are fun and unique for the girl-next-door, while offering a style that anyone can appreciate and wear,” said designer Abbey Warden, who along with her husband Phil Warden, co-founded and self-financed the brand. “The best part about sports is while there’s a masculine element to the game, as a fan you don’t have to be masculine. Why not look feminine while showcasing your passion for the game. We believe our shoes unite the best of fashion and sports — especially with the growing number of women who are truly passionate about sports.”
While the shoes are sports-themed, they take a dressy turn, available in a flat, wedge and pump silhouette. And, even if they’re not meant for actual play, they feature cushioned insoles for enhanced comfort.

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