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Rediscovering Frida Kahlo at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum

LONDON — The V&A is casting a new light on Frida Kahlo with its latest exhibition “Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up,” with an intimate insight into the artist’s life.
The show, which opens on June 16, features self-portraits, photographs of her taken by other creatives and friends, letters, clothing, jewelry and intimate possessions, such as her medicine and the corsets she had to wear to support her injuries and disabilities.
The exhibition charts Kahlo’s early years through a series of photographs taken by her father, Guillermo Kahlo, and goes on to take the viewer on a journey through her life, from the difficulties she faced after contracting polio at six, to her early marriage to Diego Rivera, her visits to the U.S., and her later years, when she had to live with a gangrenous foot and broken bones after being hit in a car crash.
Deep diving into the artist’s life from many different angles, the aim of the exhibition is to offer a new perspective of all the different facets in Kahlo’s life that made her into an artist and feminist icon.
“I think that the trajectory of Kahlo was having people notice her as a kind of flamboyant character for her

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