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How the Kardashians sold their terrifying sex glamazon look to the world

By Hadley Freeman

Ten years ago, Kim and co were widely agreed to look ridiculous – now their ludicrous get-up has gone global

I think I’m being stalked by the Kardashians. Everywhere I go I see them. Are they just really busy or am I losing my mind?
Steven, by email

Both. I may not have any actual qualifications to diagnose mental disorders, being only accredited by the Royal College of Banging on About Clothes. But then, neither did Lucy van Pelt and I consider the wisdom she dispensed from her psychiatrist booth (sample quote: “Maybe you’re normal and maybe you’re not”) to be some of the wisest words ever uttered by a medical professional. So what I’m saying is: the doctor is in!

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jun/13/how-the-kardashians-sold-their-terrifying-sex-glamazon-look-to-the-world