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Gerard and Kelly Explore Time and Modernism in ‘Clockwork’

The red brick environment of Pioneer Works, a former iron works factory built in 1866, may at first seem like an odd environment for an exhibition exploring modernist architecture. But the simplistic, angular designs of architects such as Philip Johnson and Rudolph M. Schindler have plenty in common with the lofty Red Hook space — the first iteration of which burned down less than a decade after being built — and the art shows and exhibitions now filling its interiors. None of the aforementioned is here to stay.
“We’re thinking about how a lot of these modernist architectures are thought of as permanent, because you’re working with things like glass and steel and concrete,” says Brennan Gerard. “But actually, it’s all impermanent. Nothing is permanent.”
Artistic duo Gerard and Kelly, the other half being Ryan Kelly, are showing an installation of new works grouped together as “Clockwork” at Dustin Yellin’s foundation in Brooklyn, much of which was created during their artist residency there. The show also marks the New York premiere of “Schindler/Glass,” a 35-minute film — the duo’s first — of public movement performances staged at the Schindler House in West Hollywood and the Glass House in Connecticut. Gerard and Kelly describe

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