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Emotions: Avon’s Next Big Bet

Avon is adding a new element to its turnaround — emotions.
The beauty company, under the leadership of new chief executive officer Jan Zijderveld, has released a white paper that highlights the increasing importance of emotions, backed up by data, in its business. The paper is set to be presented at the Innocos Summit on Thursday.
“Technology needs to be harnessed through the lens of humanity — through people, their feelings, their desires. There is an emotional need at the heart of all our choices that is at the core of the future of beauty,” writes Zijderveld in the introduction.
According to Lisa Gallo, vice president of product development for Avon, harnessing emotions and data, and putting that into the products, will play a significant role in Avon’s turnaround. She called steps Avon is taking “very poised to continue to drive us to the turnaround.”
“You have to bring the consumer relevant products that are meaningful to her — without that, you have nothing,” said Gallo.
One of Avon’s big bets looking forward is cocreation — trying to take the insights it gets from customers and put them directly into the products. One example is the company’s Big & Style mascara, which uses a technology from

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