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Will Instant Fashion Mean the End of Fast Fashion?

If see-now-buy-now means more power for the consumer, there is one group that stands to lose from an instant runway-to-store presentation: fast-fashion retailers.
Chains like Zara (owned by Inditex), H&M, Asos and Forever 21 have long relied on the high-fashion catwalk to set the tone for the upcoming season, prompting the ire of luxury brands by churning out copies of their designs faster than they themselves can get the originals into stores.
Some in the fashion industry have used this as an argument for switching to an in-season model that leaves no time for copycat designs to creep into consumers’ wardrobes. But cutting out the traditional lag between runway presentations and collections’ availability for purchase is not guaranteed to solve the problem, analysts say.
“I’m not sure this will change the outlook for fast-fashion retailers much, as they operate at very different price points to the luxury brands and have a very different customer profile,” said Richard Chamberlain, managing director, general retail, at RBC Capital Markets.
He noted the ability to offer newness is an important factor, allowing Inditex to outperform H&M, for example. But Chamberlain said other issues were also at play, such as having a strong and more relevant product offer, rolling

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