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Coachella for Cosmetics: Meccaland, Australia’s First Beauty Festival, Hits Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Australia — There was no Beyoncé at Meccaland but the crowds, screams and dancing might have suggested otherwise.
Put together by Mecca, the leading premium cosmetics retailer in Australia, the three-day festival — an Instagram-fest come to life — was the first consumer beauty event of its kind in Australia. Gathering 25 cosmetic brands and beauty influencers like Heidi Hamoud, Sammy Robinson and Shannon Harris, the festival had snapshot-ready sets at every turn. Stila put together a confetti-filled inflatable igloo; MAC had a Dance Dance Revolution station; YSL a tattoo parlor, and more.
Held on the outskirts of the city, the event got off to a sunny start on the Friday but it was typical Melbourne weather — gusty and gray — on day two. It didn’t seem to bring down the crowd’s spirit too much as they waited patiently outside for their session time to begin, or at least it all was quickly forgotten once doors opened to reveal the welcoming party: red-sequinned dancers, staffers, and drag queens whooping over confetti blasts. The crowd streamed in — dashing off to nab limited edition products, jump in line to meet their favorite makeup vlogger, or head to the main stage to listen to

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