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Another Divisive Element of James Comey’s Latest Interview? His Boots.

James Comey suited up for battle with President Donald Trump on Sunday night, appearing in an hourlong interview on ABC News following a weekend of presidential tweets calling him “slippery,” a “slimeball,” and “the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!” His version of combat footwear? A pair of polished Chelsea boots.
Twitter was quick to react to the choice — though as with seemingly anything this administration touches, opinions were polarized.
Media consultant and columnist Heidi N. Moore joked that she has “long believed you cannot trust a man in a plaid sports jacket OR Chelsea boots, and Comey is wearing both,” adding that (for men at least) the pull-on style is “the shoe form of smarm.”

This was obviously a joke but I am disappointed in how many people are defending Chelsea boots, the indefensible shoe https://t.co/DWhZTWfc8r
— Heidi N Moore (@moorehn) April 16, 2018

Others, meanwhile, applauded the fashion-forward footwear, calling the boots a “nice choice” and the “low-key star” of the interview. Along with the jacket — a subtle navy plaid, but plaid nonetheless — and lack of tie, the ousted intelligence director projected a relatively casual air across from ABC chief anchor George Stephanopolous.
At 6-foot-8, Comey is hardly inconspicuous in any

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