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Rihanna Holds Court Poolside at Fenty Puma Coachella Party

How does one throw a successful pool party at Coachella? Take a page from the book of Rihanna, who pulled one off without a hitch on Saturday — and without ever formally giving out the address.
Held at a house not far from the festival, the party lived up to what one might hope it would. There was a DJ playing Rihanna, a mini-store selling Rihanna’s latest line, a small arena for ATV racing, a slide and, of course, a pool around which Rihanna and her friends — Leonardo DiCaprio, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and French Montana, to name a few — sipped drinks in white tents.
Upon arrival, Rihanna and her crew turned the driveway into a catwalk, parting the crowd for her to strut her way straight to the DJ booth. There, she danced, posed and held court at the late afternoon fete.
“We’re feeling this retro vibe, we want to teleport somewhere else with modern looks,” said Yusef Williams, Rihanna’s longtime hair stylist and consequent key player in her continuous reinvention. “My inspiration board is endless. Between me and her, we’re crazy. All we do is look at pictures and art. That’s what we do.”
“Rihanna has a sense of diversity,”

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