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Jeremy Scott Discusses Favorite Coachella Moments, Fashions and Musicians

Jeremy Scott is at it again. While most designers anticipate runway or awards season as the height of their calendars, for Scott it’s festival season, namely, Coachella. This year, his 12th throwing a party in the desert, the designer made an even bigger splash with the announcement of a Moschino and H&M collaboration coming later this year. Scott is no Coachella newbie, but you could call him a groupie. On his first trip to the festival, he was a guest of Bjork. He’s also couch-surfed and packed into hotel rooms to celebrate there. These days he can afford his own pad, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less authentic. In fact, he says questions about marketing around the festival are “cynical” because for him, “it’s in my blood.”
WWD: Who have been your all-time favorite acts at Coachella and why?
Jeremy Scott: Bjork: That was the first time I went to Coachella as her guest and I fell in love with the festival from that moment on. Boys Noise: I had never ever felt a DJ speak to my heart with the song selection like that before. Hot Chip: Dancing with my love Paris Hilton side-stage is etched into my brain. Beth

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