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Here’s how to feel fabulous about your eyebrows

I too succumbed to the eyebrow plucking fad, writes Gemma Cairney. But now it is time to bush out like Frida and Cara

I plucked my eyebrows for the first time aged 13, getting pluck happy in true 90s fashion. I was excited; I felt sassy, grown-up. It was the fashion to go for Pammy Anderson ‘drawn-on’ curves. But these days, we’ve rejected this ‘barely any hair’ brow trend and replaced it with the bushiness of Frida Kahlo or Cara Delevingne. But what are you meant to do if you plucked them all out and they didn’t grow back?

I visited Shavata Singh‘s studio, where quotes such as ‘Eyebrows are sisters, not twins’ emblazon the walls and there’s lots of welcoming laughter. You get your brows threaded, then dyed gradually, in order to check the colour at each stage. You can also buy a special oil that encourages the regrowth.

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