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Tina Brown’s Women in the World Gets Serious

Tina Brown’s annual Women in the World summit made full use of a revitalized women’s movement.
There was an opening “drum beats of activism” dance by tap group The Syncopated Ladies, which started out to the audio recording of Harvey Weinstein propositioning and attempting to get model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez into his hotel room after she confronted him about groping her during a meeting, that started off three days of seemingly less exploitative discussion on everything from sexisim in the restaurant industry to systematic rape being a strategy of war abroad.
Brown promised a “remarkably intense weekend,” but, to the event’s credit, it offered more than just a firsthand overview of women’s issues. Most of the panels managed to bring up solutions for the sometimes extreme issues women around the world face.
Leymah Gbowee, an activist and Nobel Peace laureate who’s credited with ending in 2003 Liberia’s second civil war by organizing women, described the pragmatic way in which she approached getting women of 16 different and opposing religious faiths and local ethnic groups to participate in silent protests and even a sex strike until there was peace.
“When we would gather the women, the first thing we asked them: ‘If a group

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