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How Bravado Is Extending Music Merch Beyond T-shirts

Bravado has managed to elevate music merchandise and that was always the goal for Mat Vlasic, the company’s chief executive officer who grew up in the music business — his mother, Marsha Vlasic, was — and still is — a rock agent.
For Vlasic, the turning point was when Barneys said yes to Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour collection, which drew a wide swath of fans, but Vlasic still sees a lot of untapped opportunities within the music merchandise space. He spoke to WWD’s editorial director James Fallon on how he matches designers with musical artists, who is buying the most music merchandise and what prevents them from working with larger brands and retailers.
WWD: What is Bravado?
Mat Vlasic: We do a lot of things, but we look at ourselves as a brand management company for artists. Most of our clients are musicians and we provide them an infrastructure to sell T-shirts, expand into fashion, home decor and other categories where they can extend their brand beyond music. It’s particularly important now as music has migrated to digital and you don’t have a lot of physical touch points anymore. So we spend our day thinking about how can we connect artists deeper to

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