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Heron Preston on Breaking the Rules

Heron Preston’s business started with a white lie.
The red-hot streetwear designer admitted that his first independent foray into fashion came when he bootlegged the popular Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt, reworking it into a deliberate fake by putting the image on a white T-shirt rather than a black one and selling it under the radar through his Instagram post. Since then, Preston has been twisting fashion in a number of unconventional ways that have brought him and his label to the forefront of the popular streetwear movement.
Here, he talks with WWD men’s reporter Aria Hughes about fashion school, pushing boundaries — and where streetwear might be headed next.
WWD: We’re on stage at Parsons where you went to college. How does that make you feel?
Heron Preston: I’m on the same stage where Donna Karan would host these talks with futurists. Now I’m on that stage and it’s kind of trippy. I was a good student because I was excited to have gotten into this school. It was really hard to get into and once I got accepted, I took advantage of all the resources: I was class president, went to all the talks, I really soaked it up.
WWD: You’ve also have written a

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