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How Brands Are Speaking to the Everyday Millennial Male

Hamid Onifade has an amenable face. In one shot, he can look brooding and mysterious, but with just the slightest tilt of his head or upturn of his mouth he’s innocent and childlike. He has a serene, warm visage that’s accessible, but still genetically superior.
Onifade, a 23-year-old male model from Benin, in West Africa, has been working a lot lately. He’s become the representative of choice for men’s brands and retailers that are hoping to break through the noise and incite the everyday guy, who’s not wholly engaged with streetwear, to shop. Onifade has worked for J. Crew, but he’s also modeled for Target’s men’s line, Goodfellow & Co., which launched last fall, and Goodthreads, a private label from Amazon that was made available in 2017 and is exclusive to Prime members.
Onifade hasn’t modeled for Walmart, but the big-box retailer is also reassessing how it reaches men. Aside from acquiring Bonobos last June, a company for which Onifade has modeled, Walmart recently reintroduced George, a men’s private label from its British affiliate Asda.
The activity within the men’s wear space is quantifiable. According to Euromonitor, the men’s apparel and footwear categories have grown by 19 percent globally over the past five years

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