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Partying With ‘Little Clouds’ at the Art Production Fund

“We never want to have a straight beatnik-themed party, so we flipped it and we made it ‘Up Beat,’” said Casey Fremont of the evening’s theme, inspired by honoree Jeff Koons and the Beat Generation.
Fremont, executive director of The Art Production Fund, was standing in The Seagram Building in Manhattan, where the fund’s annual benefit was held Monday night. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by a string duo performing the “Game of Thrones” theme song and upstairs, there was no shortage of activities. Laurie Simmons took guests’ portraits at one end and at the other, balloon re-creations of Jeff Koons’ “Puppy” were blown up on demand. Somewhere in the middle, underneath the mezzanine where the Bruce Harris Quartet and emcee for the evening June Ambrose sat, there was a temporary tattoo station with work by Nina Chanel Abney. Up beat, indeed.
“It’s a wonderful time in the art world,” said Koons. “Within the world that we live, sometimes we can feel the lack of empathy. We have the opportunity as individuals to really define and share with people the values that we find important, that help make us as individuals better people and also help the community to become vaster and wiser

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