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Why One Tannery Lets You Know What’s in Its Leather — With Certification to Prove It

With uncertain weather patterns across the country, retailers and consumers continue to turn their attention toward eco-friendly initiatives.
Leather manufacturer ISA TanTec, represented by the LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) trademark, is no exception. ISA TrimTec, a division of the company and sustainable trims supplier specializing in shoes, was recently awarded “leather standard by Oeko-Tex certification,” said a company spokesperson.
The spokesperson said the production of its labels and patches made from natural cowhide leather meet the organization’s certification standards for products that come in direct contact with human skin.
Carl Flach, ISA TanTec’s senior director of operational strategies, said the certification is important for his team. “The certification is significant for demonstrating TrimTec’s leading position in the proprietary technology for sustainable labels and patches. It makes us an even more trusted supplier for our customers,” he said.
And this is of particular importance right now because of global demand for better sustainability and transparency practices from businesses, he said. “Consumers need reassurance that they are buying products with the smallest environmental footprint and that they are buying products which are not harmful to themselves or their surroundings,” Flach said.
Flach added that there are “too many stories” where people have purchased items manufactured

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