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Mia Fonssagrives-Solow Unveils New Exhibition in New York, Talks Fashion, Art and Design

Fashion, art and design are all one mash-up for the always-engaged Mia Fonssagrives-Solow.
Her latest solo show “Bright Wild Things” is up at New York’s Galerie Dumonteil through April 30. Along with her jewelry design, Solow has designed fashion for herself — and for a 10-year stretch in Paris with Vicky Tiel. Her artistic life started young due largely to her mother Lisa, whose second marriage was to Irving Penn.
“I learned how to sew at age 12, because that was what was expected of me — sewing, cooking, cleaning, emptying the horse stalls, feeding the animals at night. We had a farm in Huntington and I had all these chores. I knew how to work very early in my life,” Solow said.
Her robotlike animals actually sprang from recycling. Starting with empty yogurt containers, Tide bottles and other plastics, she builds the robots with an assortment of recyclables placed on wooden feet. Once covered with paper, the designs are sent to the foundry where a lost wax process is blown out from the molten bronze or aluminum that is poured in, she said.
At work in the foundries in Long Island City, the artist wound up making 30 fembot paintings with silver leaf.

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