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Bröö Broadens Beer-Based Personal-Care Brand From Natural Channel to Mass

Beer-based hair brand Bröö is expanding into new product categories while broadening its reach from the natural grocer channel to wide mass distribution.
Bröö — a family-owned label that launched in 2012 with a tiny distribution in regional natural grocery chains — is on a growth trajectory. The company would not discuss financials, but industry sources say the brand is set to triple its sales in 2018.
This month, it’s shipping its new Bröö Moods aromatherapy lotions to 3,000 Walmart doors — Bröö’s hair-care line launched in 800 of the retailer’s stores last year. CVS has also signed onto the brand in a big way, and began rolling out Bröö hair care to 6,000 doors in February. In January, Albertsons-Safeway put Bröö in 1,000 doors. In 2017, Bröö expanded internationally, shipping products to Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam.
Bröö Moods are priced at $7.49, the same as the brand’s shampoos and conditioners, and are available in three varieties — Unplug, Reboot and Sleep — and are formulated with essential oils, hops and shea butter. Another new product, the Connect Touch Hand Crème, also $7.49, launched on walmart.com in February and is rolling out to Walmart stores this month.
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