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Cynthia Rowley, Bill Powers Fete Artist Geoff McFetridge With New York House Party

“I never go to house parties so tonight is a rarity,” remarked model and musician Ruby Aldridge. “Nobody has a house to even party in here in New York — except for Cynthia Rowley.”
On Friday evening, the designer and her husband, gallery owner Bill Powers, welcomed friends to their West Village town house for a casual dinner party in celebration of L.A.-based artist Geoff McFetridge’s latest solo exhibition at Powers’ Half Gallery in New York.
As a band of young musicians from the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art played from a second-floor landing, Rowley floated around in a gold lamé top and matching pants from her fall collection.
“We don’t do a ton of entertaining here,” said the designer, standing beside a fur chaise longue next to the home’s front door. “There are always a lot of teenagers here because of my kids. They literally have 10 to 15 kids over every day. The pool out back is heated so tomorrow there’s a giant pool party happening. I’ve become what my mom was to me, which was the fun house.”
Rowley interrupted herself with a thought of how the evening’s culinary offerings — which included grilled cheese sandwiches and vegetable crudités

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