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Rachel Roy, Molly Ringwald Come Out in Support of ‘Love, Simon’

“Everyone has a story of coming out in a way,” remarked actor Nick Robinson at a special screening of his latest film “Love, Simon” in New York on Thursday. The 22-year-old actor plays the film’s titular character who is poignantly coming to terms with his sexuality while navigating the typically rocky social terrain of high school life.
Robinson described director Greg Berlanti’s past experience with coming out as gay as “a major touchstone for this character” in helping the young actor understand the complex emotional journey that accompanies coming out while coming-of-age.
“He championed this whole project and he’s the one I talked to about what it was like to come out,” added the actor. “Every character in this movie is trying to reconcile their inner life and their persona with who they actually are. I still do that. Everyone does — it’s universal.”
Berlanti, whose other production credits include “Dawson’s Creek,” “Riverdale” and “Arrow,” reflected credit for the film’s charm and relatability back to his cast of talented young actors, saying his hope for audiences is to “connect [to ‘Love, Simon’] in a way that is deeper than just a film experience.”
Rachel Roy sipped a cocktail in the lobby of the Landmark

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