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Fernando Mastrangelo Unveils Living Room Concept at Collective Art Fair

Like many Brooklyn dwellers and creatives, rising rents have pushed Fernando Mastrangelo’s studio farther east into the borough: from Greenpoint to Bushwick, and now, out to East New York, where he has landed a light-filled 10,000-square-foot work space. With plans to buy the building this year, which would almost double the size of his studio, he’s looking to cement himself in the area.
“I feel like we’re literally the first [artist studio in East New York], which I love,” says Mastrangelo. “It’s pioneering the area. Traditionally, this was an extremely violent area — this is the worst precinct in New York in general. But like everything in New York — Bushwick was like that years ago — that’s how you get the space.”
Although time will tell if his studio is the harbinger of the area’s gentrification, his studio has made it clear that the neighbors are welcome.
“People who are curious and want to come in and see, I’ve been like ‘come in and look.’ We threw a big party here last summer and we invited the neighborhood. People came, the police came, tenants. I wanted to be sure that we’re not just coming in, gentrifying. Listen, we respect the neighborhood,” he

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