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Armani/Silos Stages Exhibit on Paolo Ventura

MILAN — Giorgio Armani’s next exhibition at his Silos space in Milan shines the light on works by Italian artist Paolo Ventura.
“Imaginary Tales,” which runs from Wednesday until July 29, is comprised of about 100 works ranging from photographs and paintings to set designs that revisit reality with a fairy-tale, dream-like streak.
“I photograph what does not exist and I have been integrating painting and photography over the past two to three years, creating imaginary worlds,” Ventura said during a preview on Wednesday. “Photography leads you to believe it is real, but I play on ambiguity.”
For example, “The Automaton” is a work inspired by a 16th-century Dutch tale passed on to Ventura as a child from his father, but the artist decided to set the narrative in the gloomy atmosphere of the 1943 evacuation of the Venetian ghetto. Ventura re-created Venice with small cardboard and wood sets and figurines, photographing each scene and conveying the illusion of a true reproduction of the Italian city, always with his staple melancholic touch.

A scene from “The Automaton” by Paolo Ventura.
Paolo Ventura

“With the arrival of the digital technology, photography no longer is obliged to represent our society and reality, because they can be altered, so I have

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