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Milèo Natural Skin Care Combines Clean Skin Care With a Sensorial Experience

Oud is frequently associated with fragrances, but Matthew Milèo harnesses the power of the botanical extract in his just-launched eponymously named skin-care range. Milèo combined his vast experience in yoga, a degree in chemistry and fragrance training with Chanel, to formulate the four unisex oils now sold directly on mileonewyork.com.
“It is really for the customer who enjoys the sensorial experience [of skin care],” said Milèo. “It has aromatherapy qualities and I actually composed it like I was composing a fine fragrance.” While he desired to develop a “one-product holy grail,” Milèo realized the need to customize for different skin needs, often driven by seasons, was critical. “You need to adjust your skin every day and a small range helps keep the balance.” His recipe for skin care adjusted to daily needs includes Labyrinthe Vert, Maroc D’Azur, Amber Fort and Monte D’Oro. Prices range from $200 to $300 and all are organic, wildcrafted and ethically farmed for a long shelf life for oils — approximately two years.
His reasons for using Oud went deeper than just the experience of scent. Milèo was on a mission to create a skin-care line that could endure the impact of cancer after watching his godmother undergo chemotherapy.

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